Warrior Ritual G2 Trapper Goalie Fanghand Intermed

Warrior Ritual G2 Trapper Goalie Fanghand Intermed
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Ritual G2 Trapper Catcher genau zwischen Senior
und Junior für 12-15 Jahre - You do your job
religiously. The game depends on it. That’s why
you need a glove you can count on to catch and
smother while protecting your hand from a stinger
from an all-star opponent. The Ritual Senior &
Intermediate Trapper does all that and more.
Block the puck, control the puck, clear the puck -
working with the Ritual pads, blockers and sticks in
perfect concert. A full-throttle, heavy metal rock

- Superior level protection

- New lightweight design

- removable liner is easily removable for hand-
washing and drying and is replaceable
- easy to keep clean and dry
- comfortable, personalized fit and feel
- toggle between practice protection and game
ready feel quickly and easily

- Axi-Flex tee construction features stiff tee
components that insert into grod tent strctures
where the tee connects to the fingertips and
- snappy open and closure
- strong, sturdy tee that doesn't break down

- Structural core components fit into pockets
providing premium protection and coverage
- Articulatedd hinges eliminate resistance when
opening and closing trapper
- maximized coverage
- consistent durable feel
- premium protection
- snappy closure

- Molded back hand panel

- New removable cuff wedge

- Single T

Stichworte: Catcher, fanghand, torwart, senior, Torwart
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