Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Griptac Schläger Senior 77 Flex

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Griptac Schläger Senior 77 Flex
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Bauer Nexus 2N Pro 77 Flex ice hockey stick enjoys its place at the top of the Nexus line, and rightly so. Just about every technological idea Bauer has, it seems, is included in this feature-full, mid-kick, professional-level stick. If you’re an elite player whose game benefits from the latest ideas and advancements in stick technology, the Nexus 2N Pro may be the stick for you.

R-Lite blade for reduced weight and improved feel
Advanced Carbon Layering for more carbon and increased durability
DuraFlex resin system for increased flexural strength and durability
Monocomp one-piece design for superb shaft-construction consistency
Sweet Spot Technology for superior mid-kick performance
TeXtreme 18K carbon fiber for longer pop-life and impact protection
The 2N Pro stick features three significant upgrades. The first is in the blade, with Bauer’s R-Lite system. This is Bauer’s most commonly requested professional specification. Basically, Bauer has taken the 1X blade core and added a fiber-reinforced dampening layer between the carbon fiber and the core.

The 2N Pro blade is lighter, raising the stick’s balance point. The stick weighs 12 grams less than the 1N, in large part owing to the Advanced Carbon Layering system. Another technology carry-over, the ACL is a strategic layering process Bauer devised to allow for more carbon fiber in a tighter, more compressed space. The layering helps the 2N Pro stick provide a 15 percent faster slap shot release and a 12 percent faster snap shot release over the 1N. This process also allows Bauer to use fewer layers than in the past. Durability is still excellent but the weight is reduced. And because the 2N Pro balance point is two centimeters higher than in the 1N, the stick both feels and plays that much lighter.

The shaft features Bauer’s DuraFlex resin system that’s replacing the older ElasTech material. ElasTech did a great job protecting against impacts but DuraFlex has 20 percent more flexural strength. When tension is put on the stick during shots, the DuraFlex will manage the tension that much better. So, on a mid-kick stick like the 2N Pro, pop-life will be extended and players will experience a more efficient kick. With the 2N Pro’s Sweet Spot Technology and DuraFlex resin, players still get a quick shot release, but also all the power when they need it.

The Monocomp one-piece technology is another carry-over from the 1N, as is the TeXtreme 18K construction. The Monocomp provides consistency and excellent durability because the process helps reduce defects in the shaft wall construction. The 18K TeXtreme, meanwhile, is one of the best carbon fibers available—great against impacts and for maintaining pop-life.

The blade comes in the new P92M, Bauer’s maximum blade height. Still legal, the taller blade will help players win faceoffs and corner battles, and control bouncing pucks.

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