Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Grip Schläger Senior 77 Flex

Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Grip Schläger Senior 77 Flex
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Bauer X900 Senior Stick with 77 Fle, a softer Stick from Bauer, hockey stick is jam-packed with upgrades and elite-level features, yet somehow manages to weigh in and cost less than last year’s X900. What? For those performance-level skaters on a budget who are accustomed to high-performance gear, the X900 is the stick for you.

- Micro Feel II shaft for contoured comfort
- QRT technology for aggressively thin taper and low kick-point
- Pure Shot blade profile for stability and accuracy
- Max Balance Technology for lightweight durability
- BimaX 3K carbon fiber for a strong, lively response
- Aero Foam I blade core for elite puck feel and durability
The X900 Bauer Stick 77 Flex with Senior lenght features the Vapor line’s Micro Feel II shaft dimensions, with rounded corners and double concave sidewalls for a comfortable, contoured feel in the hands. The stick construction is a fused, two-piece design, upgraded in both the carbon and resin system. Bauer uses a 3K carbon fiber weave in this stick—a weave still used in today’s NHL—that’s 10 percent lighter than a traditional basket weave carbon fiber. Bauer’s R3 resin system boosts the stick’s durability while adding a significant degree of responsiveness.

The X900 has an ultra-low kick-point powered by Bauer’s QRT technology, an extremely aggressive taper into the blade that keeps the kick-point low. The stick is very efficient at loading and unloading energy. When you need that quick shot, the X900 will respond immediately—ideal for players looking to shoot as quickly as possible and who generate shot power primarily with their wrists.

The Pure Shot blade profile adds significant stability to the blade. The Pure Shot profile includes extra material between the shaft and blade, helping the stick not to open up and twist on big shots. The blade features Bauer’s Max Balance Technology, a strategic fiber orientation that gives the player more durability around the edges but also reduces the blade weight by five grams. The balance point is now a little higher, so the stick feels even lighter in the hands. With the Aero Foam I blade core, skaters will appreciate the great puck feel and superior durability of the X900 Lite 77 Flex.

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