Warrior Alpha QX3 Hockey Handschuh Senior navy

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The Warrior Alpha QX3 Glove offers excellent
bang for your buck because it has been loaded
with high-end specs. Premium protection is
supplied by the full dual-density foam and PE
insert construction, while the updated foam
breaks make the glove feel broken in right out of
the box.

Butter soft stick feel that will last comes from the
clarino liner and its overlay reinforcement. The
futuristic-looking grip print helps players to better
hold their stick when moisture comes into play.
Externally, Warrior used their premier TuffTek 2.0
and DynaMesh nylons that not only look great but
allow for better dexterity and airflow.

Model Number: QX3GSR7
Heritage: Dynasty AX2
Level of Play: Elite
Fit Guidelines: Hybrid Traditional Fit - Loose fit in
the fingers & cuff, snug fit in the
DynaMesh cable knit nylon cuff & fingers
Extra durable to resist wear and tear
TuffTek 2.0 nylon body
Breathable and flexible without sacrificing mobility
CovertMesh backhand accents
Breathable fabric that promotes better airflow
through the glove
3D-Stitched Warrior cuff logo
Warrior 3D "W" thumb print
Screenprinted bar graphics
Lightweight, dual-density EVA Foam and complete
plastic insert coverage
Found in the cuff roll, fingers, backhand, finger
block and side finger protection
Offer advanced protection throughout the entire
Clarino base with clarino overlay and printed grip
Synthetic leather that provides pro-level stick feel
and upgraded durability
Grip print helps to allow for a secure hold on the
stick when wet
Moisture-wicking microfiber
Hybrid Traditional Fit - Provides plenty of volume
in the fingers and cuff with a snug fit in the
AxyFlex Two-Piece Thumb
Allows for much better dexterity without
compromising hyperextension protection
13", 14" and 15"
270 grams (Based on a 14")

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